Hidden Talents… or not so hidden

I love to cook. Last night i made up a dish which includes chinola(passion fruit) juice.

Here is what you need:

-2 thin oven pans(spray with oil or grease)

– various slices of bread on the pan

– 2 beaten eggs

-shaved sweet potatoes

– minced onions garlic parsley. Soy sauce, lume juice, chinola juice, and 2 small cups of cream cheese and 1.5 spoons of sugar. (Blend all of these items together.

-put the shaved sweet potatoes in a pan that has been greased and then contains oil. Cook on high for 1.5 mn and the. On medium for 2.5 minutes and then in low for five.

-turn on oven and preheat to 375

-mix the chinola blend into pan with potatoes and keep on low heat for 2mn. Make sure to stir contents regularly to avoid sticking.

-after 2 mn use a spoon to spread potato contents onto each slice if bread. Spread thick.

-use a small spoon to pour and spread beaten eggs on each bread. Once you are through with egg spread… use remaining egg for each bread and press a small amout of egg creating a slight cup i. The center. The egg should look cupped.

– Steam the fish in microwave and then place medium sized pieces in the cupped egg on the bread.

– place in the oven for 10-20 minutes and determine desires crunch.

-turn off oven and be careful as the its are steamy hot.

this is a delicous dish or appetizer. Check out photos below.

(Please excuse any typos as i am using my phone for today’s blog)

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