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1 Response to Appreciation

  1. Alicia says:

    Just finished “The Perks of Being an Adoptee.” Everyone who is interested in adoption, or an adoptive parent, or an adoptee needs to read this book! “The Perks of Being an Adoptee” was written by an adoptee and it is her sharing her truths and observations that she has made about adoption in general. The chapters cover everything from White Cards to an adoptee’s use of Humor.

    The book personally resonated with me because while there are a lot of resources out there about adoption, there are not a lot written by adoptees. We need more with adoptees sharing their truths.

    I know what it’s like to wear a mask – afraid that if I show people who I truly am, they will turn me away. I know what it’s like to feel pressured to be grateful about my adoption. It was a hard read for me but very, very necessary.

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