Facebook Reminds me of some good and bad posts I’ve made. Here’s a good one!


I’d like to take the time to thank those who took the time to congratulate me and my fiance on our engagement. We are truly happy about starting this new chapter in our lives together.

Many of my conservative friends will not congratulate me on my engagement because they don’t “agree” with gay marriage. You don’t have to agree with it…but you can be happy and express happiness for those who feel they have found a piece of happiness whether that happiness to you is “real” or “made up”. Everyone deserves to experience joy.

God is a God of forward movement, forward thinking…everything He/She has done and does has to do with bettering the world for us today….and those in the future….She/he does not look to the past, but gives us the ability to remember the past in order to not repeat our mistakes.

I think about what it would be like to get a checklist before we are completely formed…like in the womb for instance….Check the boxes:

Would you like to be born….black (yes) Gay (yes) visually impaired (yes), Haitian (yes), Female (yes). After I check yes to all these….then God says, “you will struggle INTENSELY because you have “chosen” these things to be part of your life.”

You see,….we don’t choose certain things…..we just don’t. Because if I had known that I would be persecuted by my own friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers…..I would never choose the combinations above…never, no way, no how. If i had known that being black in the DR would mean rocks thrown at me, people telling me that I am “too dark to be pretty”, and people making me sit in the guagua at the back because I am Haitian and we are known to be “dirty”, I would have never chosen this combination. If I had known that being black in American would mean that I would have to fight to be heard, would have to hear about my grandparents having to pick cotton, would have to bear my Master’s child only to hope that he/she turns out light enough to “pass” in society…I would have never chosen this combination. If I had known that it would take years to get the right to be married to the one I love, or be told that I can’t adopt due to my sexual orientation…I would have never chosen this combination. If I was told ahead of time that I would have to go through the suffrage movement in order to have a voice in a “man’s” world, I would have never chosen this combination.

My point is, my conservative friends, it is not a choice….It is who I am…I didn’t use a checklist…..What I DO choose now is whether I want to experience love or not. Whether I want to have a voice or not. Whether I want to change the world by loving one child at a time or not. God gave love to the world, for all to experience. How dare you use your bigotry to try and snuff love out of the lives of any person. It is not about “agreeing”. It is about Love.

Please feel free to remove me from your Facebook page if this post makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you can’t reach out and congratulate anyone who decides to love whom they choose. They are not breaking the law. They are not hurting you personally. And they are doing what we were created to do….to love!

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