Letter to my Black Doctor about my black daughter and the HPV vaccine that seems to be “all the craze”.

I am no contact with my adoptive father for many good reasons. Growing up in that family was difficult, not only because I was adopted, but because I am a person of color living in a predominantly white family. The white ideals were pushed down my throat, not to be digested, just to be swallowed.
I seldom got to reflect on what it meant to be black, or be a woman.
As tough as my upbringing was, and as much as I am proud to be No Contact with my adoptive family, I hold one thing dear about my adoptive father: His knowledge of how black people are affected by vaccines differently from those of any other race-especially white.
When we first moved to the US (I was still in contact with him), my daughter had to undergo several vaccines before being allowed to enter into school.
I had a common fear as an adoptive mother. How will my kid react to this, I don’t know enough of her history.
So I did what anyone else with a parent for a doctor would do; I reached out to him.
He gave me several good pieces of advice when it came to putting chemicals into not just adopted, but black kids.
#1-fill them with pro-biotics about 3 weeks before you begin the injection process.
#2-Make sure they have enough vitamin C in their bodies before the injection process. So have them be doing a super high dosage every day.
#3- Have them take either vitamin D, or be drinking plenty of milk. As teens get older, they play less and less outside so they are not receiving sunlight. But if they are teens of color, even being outside does not mean they are receiving the proper amount.
I followed all of them but was especially curious about #4. He didn’t explain why NOT to give it, but he did say “she does not need it.” I had a feeling it had more to do with the way she could react to it. So we heeded his advice and I got more curious so my wife and I both did some research.
After researching, I decided to write to my doctor who is a woman of color. My letter to her is below.
Good morning,
My daughter’s doctor is asking us about having to begin the HPV shots. My daughter is black. Her doctor is also black.
My issue includes a couple things. #1-my daughter is adopted so my worry is that she will have a bad reaction to the vaccine. #2-The HPV currently given does not protect against the kind of cancer People of Color get. The HPV only protects against the more frequent cancers white people get. They get 16, 18, 56, 39, 66
But people of African decent do not commonly get 16 and 18, they get HPV types 33, 35, 58, 68
Currently the HPV vaccine only covers 16+18-cancers that are more covered in white people. As Per Usual, these vaccines are more effective on the majority (white people) and a vaccine for people of color has yet to be discovered.
I do not want to shoot my kid up with a preventative that does not prevent what she could possibly get in the future.
I am asking for your advice from me-a person of color, to you, a person of color.
I will add her response once I get it. If you are a mother of a child of color, please think before shooting them up with chemicals they may not even need.
Here is my doctor’s response!
My advice is if you have any doubts don’t proceed with vaccination.
You have to be all in; i.e have total confidence in the vaccines.
Hope this helps!
Warm regards,
Shot Glass, Splash, Glass, Drink, Liquid, Drop
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