Did you know series-3

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Did you know # 3:

Did you know that according to Unicef 4/5 children deemed as “orphans” actually have at least 1 living parent?

To me and other experts in this field, this means that “paper orphans” are created because the demand for a child is higher than the availability of a true orphan.

Please sit with this today. It shadows one of my other posts about believing everything a document says.

My story in a nutshell: I had 2 living parents. My mother put me in an orphanage so that i could get proper care, education, nutrition (because that is actually why they are there, to care for the kids, not to adopt them out). When my mother returned to get me, I was already adopted out. My APs did not know if i had a Birth Certificate or not, and instead of going the proper route (waiting for mom to show up to actually sign me away), they purchased the BC of a dead child, had someone sign the adoption papers (not my real mom), and then whisked me off to conform to what they wanted me to become.

You can read this story here: https://solifegoeson.com/2015/11/12/deadgirlwalking/ but I will also post a link to an article in the guardian that talks about the 4/5 kids having living parents.

“This is an isolated event” some of you may say…..but i’m here to tell you that no, actually it is very very common, especially on the international level. So here’s the truth….Adoption is a billion dollar industry….and though we are making a “different” life for our adoptees, it comes at a loss for their first parents…..culture, language, religion, roots….the list goes on 🙂

This is difficult information to take in. See, not only do we come to learn about hair in this room, but we come to learn about our adoptees on a much deeper level!

And as the kids grow up, they will begin to ask these very tough questions-are you ready to answer them? Are you ready to delve deep and take full responsibility? I know most of you in this room are!

If you have questions, feel free to PM me….

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