Why do people get upset about the death of people they do not even know?

My response to a facebook question:
I believe everyone is connected and everything is spiritual. When someone dies, they leave the memories, which are usually good and positive…..but the memories create pain because in remembering, we grieve…..They take with them their soul, or body or whatever. Which means, no longer will there be any communication with them in this “world”. So that is sad. Because people are interconnected, they effect each other. Robin Williams was an actor, a comedian and a father. Sometimes we grieve not the actual death of the person, but what that person left behind….a wife, a daughter, fans who looked up to him. He was a comedian….making others laugh at themselves and the world, while on the inside, depression was his suicide…not the act in itself. That is sad.
I don’t usually grieve people I don’t know….but I feel for those who will no longer be connected in the present with them. A father who dies and leaves his wife and family….A mother who dies of breast cancer and had a wonderful daughter or son. A teacher who changed lives; their students who will no longer be presently impacted. There are so many reasons to grieve.
But yes, they are free-depending on your belief system. They are free from suffering….and that is what we all want, to be free from suffering…but in ones freedom, there comes pain….in ones’ freedom, captivity takes hold…..in ones freedom, sadness, tears, confusion, anger, and hatred can take form. So just because one dies and is now free, does not mean all are free.
I usually am more impacted when children die….because they have not “lived a full life” yet…and though they are returning to the source, there is a connection that is made. When someone is birthed, they are closer to their mom than ever but not as close as they were in the womb…..each day brings them closer and also farther away from the beginning. Life is evolving….we leave our family and cling…but we are all interconnected…..otherwise, I don’t think it would be from the womb that we exit into the universe. There is a reason we are born into the womb and live and abide.
This is what makes the adoption world so complicated. We are separated too soon from people we are biologically supposed to be with. We no longer get the milk, the smell, the sense, the sounds…we no longer are connected the way we were meant to be connected. Instead we are thrown into a completely new relationship…one that was not created from the same womb but from the hands of another. We adapt…we live, we survive…but very seldom do we thrive.
We live and survive because we are interconnected….but we struggle to thrive because the connection made was not natural. The connection we create is like the parting of someone we never really knew but could feel for who they left behind.
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