“Thank you God for the Abuse I received at the hands of my adoptive parents and society”



And yet this is how the Christian mind works. We are supposed to give thanks in everything we do right? All the experience we have had, right?

Well, how about I thank God for being raped at 12.

“Thank you Lord, I know you have a plan for me and this is why you allowed me, an innocent 12-year-old, to be forced down in a bathtub, raped and then left to fear that she had contracted aids…until she learned she didn’t have aids later on in life.Thank you so much God for putting me through this pain….this violation…..this abuse. I want to thank you holy father for NOT being there for me, even though all my other Christian friends and family members said you were.”

How about I thank God for the hungry children in Haiti.

“Jesus, Lord God, I want to thank you right this minute for not allowing the people in Haiti to have enough food to feed their families. I want to take this moment to give thanks for the fact that millions of children around the world are dying of diseases that can easily be cured but not enough doctors are coming to their aid, and those who come to their aid force their patients to receive you as their “personal” savior before they can receive treatment. And thank you Jesus for the food on this table, and for the clothes on my back.”

This is the reality of the religious world. And the truth is, no one prays the way I have above. No one does this….but Christians behave in this way ALL. THE. TIME.

There is a difference between being thankful for your provisions and neglecting the fact that others are not being provided for.

We see this so often in the adoption world. 

Adoptive parents are willing to do anything to get the child they want.

  1. We want a baby. Well, let’s find a mother who is about to give birth.
  2. We want a girl. Well, let’s go to a country where they don’t want the girls. 
  3. We want a boy who looks like us. Well, let’s travel to where the region fits our demand. 

And the list goes on…..

Very seldom do adoptive parents consider the fact that wanting=disregarding. 

They want these children, but they disregard the fact that they are not really helping to solve the problem.

Adoption does not solve the problem of poverty.






Keeping a family together does. Realizing that the money WE have can actually improve a culture, race, people group, country. Removing a child from their parents does not solve this age-old issue.

And yet one of the prayers of Christians is: “Dear Lord, thank you so much for answering our prayers of adoption. We have always known we wanted to adopt. Thank you for making this child available to us. We will do our best to raise them in a way where they will grow up to walk with you, and trust you.

And the counter prayer could be this: “Dear Lord, why have you not answered our prayers. We are poor, we are starving, we are abused. We are dying. And yet instead of providing us with food, and shelter, and safety, you take our children from us and give them to people who don’t know anything about our culture, our language, our religion, our life? You are OK with this? And yet, we know we need to trust you because you are all-powerful. We were taught by the missionaries that you are the one true God. I just find it very difficult to understand how you would take the only thing that we know that belongs to us, and give it away.

Both sides have faith in something and that something fulfills one, and denies the other. 

Why is it that Christians think that just because they have adopted, it was God’s will?

  1. Just because the adoption went though, it was God’s will.
  2. Just because the home-study took 5x less time than usual, it was a sign that GOD wanted them to have this child.

Why do Christians believe that adopted children should be thankful for their “saving”?

How is it that religion can be used to justify the separation of mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, father-son?

The orphan gospel is alive and well today. And the interesting thing is that certain scripture is used to justify the removal of children from their real parents.

According to the Bible, the New International Version, James 1:27 says: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

  1. To look after does not mean to take away. When you look after them, you make sure they are healthy, and educated, and fed, and loved. But this DOES NOT mean you remove them from their family. If you NEED to remove them, it should be done temporarily in order to help bring them to a status of health so that they can be reunified with their real parents.
  2. To look after orphans and widows in their distress. This does not mean adopt. And I have NEVER seen anyone adopt a widow. Why? Because they don’t want a woman or a man; they want a helpless child; one they can raise, and create into their own image. I don’t see missionaries helping those who have lost a spouse. I see them removing children and saying a big “I’ll pray for you” (which in the secular world means Fuck you” to widows.
  3. To keep oneself from being polluted by the world is in itself ironic because the adoption trend become a polluted concept where people went into the world, took children for their pleasure and did nothing for the families left behind. Christians have been polluted by the world for so long. Christians have been being counter productive from the beginning.

Christians have been the problem of adoption. They are NOT the solution. Christians and other religious groups have created orphans.

Christianity is the reason for the availability of children. 

That Kool-Aid sure tastes good, but when the child grows up to be a homosexual, a thinker, strays from the dogma, asks about their real parents, inquires about science…..the Kool-Aid begins to go sour.

And as that Kool-Aid begins to make its way up and out, it contaminates the insides, creates inflammation in the intestines, and rots the teeth…because regurgitating scripture, ideas, propaganda, hate, lies, deceit, anger, judgement, and fear, will actually begin to kill you from the inside out.

Some Christians will not allow the Kool-Aid out of their system. Some people will keep the Kool-Aid at a controllable level, knowing it is hurting the body but they are so sure they have done the right thing.

Once the Kool-Aid is out though, there is freedom. There is space to think, to talk, to pray, to love, to embrace, to apologize, to reach out, to really do what God is saying to do.

God is saying:

Don’t be a hypocrite.

Don’t thank God for health while others are praying for health.

Don’t take children while God is saying to look after them.

Don’t believe the myth that God wanted this to happen so that you could X Y Z.


And yet, for me, my life sucked. Am I thankful that I went through what I went though?


Do I have a story to tell that will hopefully impact that world?


But NO thanks to God!

I thank God that I am not that person who believes that He deserves thanks for pain, suffering, rape, death, disease, abuse, brainwashing.

I thank God because the God I serve gets as angry as I do about injustice.

The God I serve TURNS OVER THE TABLES in the Marketplace, and then….




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