#adoptionpaperworktraumarealization starting the month of January!

I really hate New Years Resolutions mainly because the minute I make one, I intensely fail. I think they are created to make us fall. When we say no to something, we want that something even more.

But this year I feel like turning the other cheek so to speak.

I’ve been hiding behind a lot over the past couple years since moving to the US. The grass has actually been greener for me on this side but what I continue to be reminded of is the fact that my paperwork follows me everywhere I go.

I wake up more thankful, blessed and appreciative while living in the US. There is more that I can do here, more that I can offer and at the same time, these wretched papers follow me, and remind me that my identity was built on a lie, 50,000 dollars, and an orphanage that sold me to crazy missionary people.

So it’s time to face this craziness one way or another. I decided that starting in January I would go through 1 page of my paperwork a day (could be a week as it may be too intense). I will document my experience either via writing, livefeed, or just recording and I will put it up on my site.

Will you follow my story from page 1? I believe I was adopted at around 3 years of age (but my age on my papers are about 3 years off) so I will do my best to organize the deets before January.

I am encouraging any adoptee in this group to do the same. I am finding that part of the healing process if facing the paperwork. I’ve spoken to several adoptees in this group and we all agree how painful this paper work is to look at, read and digest so let’s go on this journey together.

I encourage every AP/FP to join us as we continue to heal from the outside in.

We could use as much support as possible!

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