Did you know series # 7

Children of color who encounter someone who mirrors them, (every day) grow up to be proud of their race and are able to more effectively become members of society.

Kids who grow up not knowing or embracing have their adoptive parents to blame.

What little things are you doing as an adoptive parent that helps them embrace their color and also race?

Remember that color is different from race so make sure you are always using the proper terms for their color as society has already labeled them.

Race is real. Color is real.

Talk about it.

Embrace it.

Point it out.

And show that you love their race, and color by embracing others who match their race and color.

Make sure you have friends of color on a regular basis. This way they will see that they are beautiful.

Your kids of color will already have obstacles in their lives. Don’t be one of them!

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