When our voices get too strong, we are silenced.

This morning, on the second day of celebrating my Bday, I woke up to being blocked from Hair to  multiracial families discuss.

And then, not only that but some people who questioned the “removal” have subsequently been blocked as well.

This is often what happens when POC or TRA or Adoptees or FFY, of FY begin to speak their mind, and their truth. We get silenced.

If you are in that group (tread carefully) because if you inquire about me not being there, I can guarantee you will also magically disappear.

Sometimes we wrack our brains for days wondering what we did “wrong”. I think about Sara’s incident months back and being left hanging and how wonderful everyone in this group was in making sure her and her kids were safe.

I am floored by the support I have received from the Hair to love group when they noticed my name grayed out and inquired and were also thrown out. I feel there was/is solidarity.

But we-the marginalized are left to wonder what we did wrong…..and in the end, it’s because we opened our mouths.

Parents, you have kids of color….don’t be their first bully. When they speak up, stand with them and be willing to do whatever needs to be done to be good allies. Their struggle is real and your silence is painful.

People I thought were on my side blocked me so I could not even ask them “why”.

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