1. Wake up in the morning at an hour I’m not fond of….check!

2. Take a nice warm shower, wash my lovely nappy head, condition my lovely nappy head, want to stay in the shower for a longer period of time because the warmth makes me feel so good…..check!

3. Crawl out of the shower, grab the nice green slightly bleached towel, dry off, brush teeth, lotion up…check!

4. Get dressed in a lovely simple outfit for work…check!

5. Wife helps me organize my day…check!

6. Leave the house without my coat…check!

7. Return to get my coat and re-lock the door…check!

8. Drive to work and have a minor argument…check!

9. Get to work and be given really unclear instructions…check!

10. Have coffee in hand and wait for the day to unravel hopefully in a peaceful fashion…check!

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