November 6th is Orphan Sunday.

If you are one who regularly participates in it, please reconsider.
Here is the definition of OS from another adoptee and I happen to agree with it 100%

Remember, intent Vs. Impact. The intent does not matter if the impact is so strong!

If you are a pastor and are considering preaching about this topic, please consider changing the title to Family Preservation Sunday and talking not about how great all the people were for “saving” a supposed orphan, but how the people could have really taken care of the widow and orphan (family unit) instead of taken possession of someone else’ s child.

According to UNICEF, 85-89% of kids labeled as “orphans” really are not. Adoption is about Supply and Demand. When the demand is high, Paper Orphans are created.

“Orphan Sunday = Sunday Saviors. It is the worst day promoted by the worst people in adoption to cater to the worst instincts by the worst “saviors” who have the worst expectations and can turn out to be the worst APs who expect the worst kind of gratitude from the children unlucky enough to be trafficked into their families. Amen.” -Kate Moline

P.S. We are tired of being called ORPHANS….SO STOP IT!

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