We never said “I Do”


Some shit we just need to get over. Adoption is not one of them.

Because we never said “I do”….you said “you do!”

We never chose this life…even if it is “better” in your eyes. For who is it better? Is it really a win-win situation?

We never wanted to end up in care….you wanted this.

We never wanted to lose our parents…..you cried when our parents decided to keep us

You cried when our birth parents fought for us.

You got upset when our parents chose another family for us.

You cried when the Social worker found us a home with a family member.

You say we are YOURS but we are NOT.

We don’t belong to you.

We are only yours when we are little, but we grow up and we become someone elses’.

You neglect to make us fully part of you.

You like the idea of us, but won’t sacrifice your life for us.

We are being deported because it really was never a win-win situation.

Yes, you feed us, clothe us, school us, teach us….but then you want us to say “Thank you”.

Thank you for what?

For crying and getting upset when our parents had a second thought?

For taking us away from our flesh and blood?

For marrying us into you?

For changing our name?

For changing our culture?

For changing our language?

For internally changing our color?

We did not choose this life…you chose it for us.

Why not use the 15000 + dollars to keep our families safe, sound, protected, fed, educated?

Why did you need us to be yours?

Why did you need 5 of us?

Why did you need us AND your biological children?

Why did we need to be disabled?

Why do we need to learn about God?

Why do we need to have God come into our hearts?

Why do we need to be afraid of Hell?

Why do we need to be with you?

Why did YOU need us?

Why did you need to save us?

We were not a piece of meat gone bad

You are not our only hope

Voodoo didn’t over take us

Middle eastern religions did not change us

We do not have Satan in our hearts.

Look now…are you happy?

How’s the cost of therapy going?

How’s your relationship?

When did you speak to her last?

When did you speak to him last?

What did they think of their adoption papers?

Does their adoption story match the one you told them?

Did they reunite with their birth parents?

Could they speak the language?

Did you pay for their trip to meet them?

Did you hug their parents?

What do you have in common besides “sharing” a child?

Did you stay in contact?

Some shit we just need to get over….BUT adoption is not one of them. 

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