5 signs you don’t have white privilege

White privilege is everywhere. It is considered the “norm” wherever you go. When you look for makeup, you can’t find it because they don’t carry “your” hue. So you are left caking on some nasty shit that makes you look…yes….blanco.

Last week my daughter was wearing something funky. I asked her why she was wearing it and her answer went something like this: It is what everyone is wearing and it is flesh color.

I stopped her and said…wait, who’s flesh? She looked at me inquisitively. She too has fallen for the “flesh color” fitting all colors. This is fucked up. I have a black daughter who believes that flesh tone color=white?

So I wanted to write up 5 observations about what it means to NOT have white privilege.

  1. Bandaids-You don’t have white privilege when everyone knows you cut yourself.
  2. Shopping– You don’t have white privilege when you get followed by some short chubbers lady with blond hair chewing Bubbaloo gum because you “fit the description” of a mini thief.
  3. School– You don’t have white privilege when you are asked to go to the “learning center” with your child because speaking a language other than white English means you will struggle in school.
  4. Work– You don’t have white privilege when you hear white people talking about how “easy” it was to get that job.
  5. Speech– You don’t have white privilege when you are told you speak so “proper” but they didn’t expect you to because you are not WHITE.

There are many many others. I just wanted to make this post short and sweat. Add to it in the comments!

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