YOU WILL NEVER GET IT: And that is Beautiful!


Good morning, please click to listen to the podcast. It is a bit longer so make sure you are somewhat comfortable. 🙂

Some of you will get really upset with me for saying some of the things I have said on my podcast. Some of you may turn it off after the first minute. Others will embrace what is being said and still others will listen to learn something. I am hoping that regardless of the reaction that you write out your thoughts because I want to hear what you think. Please please please, subscribe to this blog AND my podcast. I will try to continue to make it exciting and as controversial as possible. 😉

In this podcast I will:

1. talk about RAD-Reaction Attachment Disorder

2. introduce who I am

3. explain how I fit each symptom

4. talk about the power of healing and the realization that YOU WILL NEVER GET IT and how beautiful that actually is.

If you are interested in the books I have written, feel free to request it on fb. If you can relate, please let me know. If you want to have a private chat with me, please request one….it is all free because I just want to try and be there for everyone and give them advice based on my experience! 🙂

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