Do you have Honey Mustard?

I was so excited to go play tennis with my partner and my 11 year old daughter. We woke up fairly early and headed to the cheapest tennis court which happens to be in Cabarete. It was a nice drive really, not much traffic, just a few cows and some stray dogs.

We reached our destination, got out of the car and took out our 3 awesome rackets and 5 balls. I was so excited to start playing. I had not been out on the court for over 6 months and I was ready to beat someone’s ass.

My partner is pretty good at the game, when the ball goes right to her. The minute I make her run a bit, she gets super tired and misses the ball. So we could say we challenge each other.

My eleven year old has very little tennis concept. The ball is thrown to her right, she hits the ball back to you and it manages to go over the fence and into the street. So for her, the time we spent on the court was more of a practice time.

We played about 6 games in total. I didn’t win more than 2 games but i sure got a workout. Next place, lunch!

On our heading back home we decided to stop at a new restaurant. The restaurant is located near a casino in the heart of Sosua. We drove into sosua, found a place to park and proceeded to find where we needed to be by foot.

We asked a few friendly people the way and of course, they never really know. It is hit or miss here. But we eventually find our restaurant and can’t wait to order what is at a “good price”…200 pesos per plate.

We seat ourselves at the best place possible… amazing view—the winner of them all!

A nice waiter comes up to us with menus and we look at it and within 1-2 minutes, we already know what we want to eat. I choose barbecue chicken wins with fries. My daughter chose chicken wings with the barbecue sauce on the side and my partner ordered pulled pork with fries. We all had fries with our meal.

One thing on the menu that caught my eye was the (21 sauces). Wow, really? Can a place really have 21 different sauces to dip the fries in?

So i asked the nice man with the name tag if I could get some honey mustard. He looked at me confused. I asked him in Spanish….mostasa con miel…and he still was befuddled. I then decided to point to where it says 21 sauces on the menu. He looked at me, smiled and said “no, they just put that there so that the menu looks appealing”. If that was not the funniest thing I had ever heard, I don’t know what could be. Really? You false advertise? To get people to come to your restaurant? Wow! What has the world come to. And to think the Honey Mustard is probably easier to make than Ketchup-my word!

Needless to say, we got our meal and it was pretty good. I could not really complain. Not having my honey mustard sauces was not a live free or die hard situation, but it was frustrating that out of the 21 sauces promised on that menu, honey mustard was not even nominated. That is a sad story, but now, next time i go there I don’t have to ask “do you have honey mustard?”

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