Years of Waiting

???????????????????????????????So much has happened since I last wrote. Its like a diary, if you don’t keep it close to you, you forget to write in it.
Looking at my last post, I notice that I wrote back in January 2011, my Puerto Rico Trip. What a great one it was.
Since then, I’ve been working a log and trying to put the pieces of my heart back together.
Some may be thinking that my heart is broken. But no, it is not. My heart still feels as though it is missing something, so I really feel that I am never really complete on this earth.
Recently, I decided not to return to my job for the 2014 school year. I decided not to return because I would be getting a pay cut-one that I can’t afford.
I feel blessed that my partner and I have shared income so it allows me to pursue what I enjoy-writing.
This coming summer, along with this school year, I will be opening my own tutorial center.
The center will focus on reading, writing and arithmetic for children in grades 1-8 along with students who are already homeschooling.
Homeschooling has become the new and old. Parents love it, and truly dislike it.
I am offering parents an out-their kids will home school, but they won’t be bound to the confines of their home. They will be able to actually work at a location and “leave their schoolwork” behind.

My daughter turned 11 in February and I am so happy to see her grow up to be such a beautiful and strong child.
She is excelling in every academic area and loves school. Just about every week, she gets a shout-out for her good behavior and helpfulness.

My oldest turned 18 back in August of 2013 and moved out. I encouraged her seek the way of the world so that she could come back stronger and wiser. She is doing well. She works at my church as a child’s coordinator and also work with missionaries. I am proud of what she is doing. She starts college in August of 2014. My father is paying her way.

My partner is more and more amazing each and every day. The way she treats me-I can’t compare it to anything out of this world. I’ve never been treated so well, with so much respect and love. I hope she feels the same from me. Her birthday is coming up in May and my daughter and I have something amazing planned!

It is hard to sum up almost 3 years of life in a quick blog but I tried. The only thing I have yet to mention is how long I have been waiting for the adoption to come through. It is still not complete and I am just hoping and praying that it does soon.

The wait and the visits to and from Haiti have been exhausting.

I was reminded today of how much I dislike attending church. Today, the pastor put up a music video…the music was by Leonard Cohen and the lyrics were changed to make it “christian.” I was super disappointed. The message was clear “he chose to die” but i frankly have trouble believing that.

My goal, from today on is to try and write 1 blog a night, summarizing my day. There is never a dull moment here, in my family, in my life. I’ll prove it to you!

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