Knocking on the heavy door-DEATH

It is every day that we see the sick and dying.

My mother makes hospital runs during the week with “gringos” who have no idea what reality in this country looks like.

They stare, wide-eyed, too afraid to interact because in their country, it is illegal to touch, or hold, of feel pain without the consent of the other. A legal suite may ensue. It may happen, it is possible that you could get put in jail if you-help?

Death is around every corner. In the Hospital we sing and pray for those who are ill. Many of the people have no parents sitting with them.

I have a friend in Spain who is ill-was just operated on and I believe has no one at the foot of his bed when he awakens.

Many killers but one result-death. What does that look like to you?
Spiritual murder is maybe even worse than death itself.
Death by pill, slow, long-lasting, painful, gives too much time and thought for reneging.
Death by slit, another slow and painful killer-more like a cry for help.
Death via Gun to the head, fast and easy, leaving no hope watchsoaever for recovering-the person is through!
Death by natural disaster-leaves a feeling of emptiness. A feeling of loneliness to the ones left behind.

My cousin died of cancer. Who would have thought he would have had lymphoma? No one really knows, and by the time you find it, may be already be too late.
What did he do in his last weeks of life? I hope he lived like he was dying.

Death brings about new life? A person dies, another is saved from themselves.
A person dies, a baby is born. I used to think that God takes people “home” so that he can have a new soul for a new baby to be born. I like that mentality. Maybe a bit unrealistic, but something fun to think about.

Death brings about heartache within the new life. Death, a chance for others to reflect on where their life is going. Death, a chance to dance on heaven’s floors.
Death, a chance to see what life “could” have been like.
Death, a chance to experience a miracle.

Death brings about new life-Christs death, if you believe it, was the “end”. As he said on the cross-it is finished. But his resurrection, brought about new life.

Do our human bodies resurrect? I believe so-maybe it is the resurrection that brings about new life, not the death itself. But if you do not die, how can you resurrect? Die to self? Die to your needs? Your comfort? Your desires? Your wants? Your likes, your dislikes?Die to all of that? If you choose to kill all of that, what will life look like now? Death to life? Death to death?

Can you die to die? Does death leave a mark? On you? On others? On self? On Justice? Life without death is unrealistic? People are born, to later die, people die to later live or give life.

sacrifice is in ALL death.Maybe it is the sacrifice that makes the dying a sacred act.

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1 Response to Knocking on the heavy door-DEATH

  1. Colette B says:

    Hallo. I hope you don’t mind that I found my way back here. Your blog is very neat and well-organised. i don’t have time to stay and read more today but this was a very moving and thought-provoking piece of writing. Best wishes to you and yours, Colette.

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