Every white person I have encountered at some point! Right here, at this round-table discussion.

My white friends/family, which white person are you? There are 4 white people and 1 black person at this round table. Which one are you? Don’t chicken out…which one are you?

1st- woman with glasses  at the beginning(I have to admit, she is a looker)-She claimed life has moved past racism. 

2nd- woman with glasses, the older one. (Telling her that if it is well intentioned, it is not racism)-Cuz a white person can tell a person of color what is and what is not racism. Of course they can…..white people think they have all the answers, all the time, in every setting. 

3rd- man on the right from the older woman with glasses-dark suit-quite, just listening, not taking sides. My adoptive mother taught me that if you don’t stand up against evil, you participate in evil. Are you this person?

4th-man on the left from the older woman with a grey suit-this dude is giggling/laughing…..are you that person? What exactly are they laughing at, the black woman? or the white old lady grilling the black woman. 

Let’s watch!


I’m here to tell you that life has NOT moved past racism, microaggressions happen EVERY day….and there are times I can’t get a job because even though I sound white, my skin color tells a different story.

When you know better you do better!

Come on white people, it is time to do better—-what are you teaching your kids?

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