Breaking Our Silence


It’s always wonderful to meet others who are walking the path of resistance. We resist the people who tell us to stay quiet and we understand that speaking up and out is the only way to truly feel like there is hope.

I am also in love with people who are not able to resist because they are strong beyond all measure. They have found a way to move forward even in adversity, even while being shackled, even during constant oppression, even while living behind the doors of fear.

But there is a time that we need to all rally together to be each other’s allies. If those who remain silence for self protection, we got your back! We here you. We are here for you and with you.

For the next couple of months I will be featuring interviews of survivors who have chosen to break their silence. The content will be raw and real and unforgiving.

What you will hear in the interviews will be based on lived experience only and those who may be triggered, please be aware the content contains abuse of all types.

Oftentimes, breaking the silence can cause a rift in the family. It did for me. But it is in the end, freeing. It is freeing because you no longer have to live with the pain that comes with keeping in secrets. You can rid yourself of guilt, of pain, of anger. You can start over. But starting over has to come with some kind of sacrifice. Unfortunately the sacrifice is yourself.

“I give myself up so that I may be free…and others may follow.”

I hope you enjoy my interview with BAKÉ.

Part 1: Welcome BAKÉ

Part 2: Welcome back BAKÉ

Baké is a transracial adoptee from Benin. She lives in Arkansas and supports herself by making and selling felt dolls and crafts.

Part 2: TRIGGER WARNING-sexual abuse

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