My Passion and Side Hustle

I grew up as an adoptee in an environment that was not to be desired. One of the things I did learn throughout my time with my adoptive family was their passion for creativity. There were many little arts and crafts projects often happening and I really appreciated the nature of Arts and Crafts in general.
As a young child I learned to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets and so much more. I also learned about different beads, stones, and woodwork. My favorite stone of all time is the Larimar stone. The Larimar stone has so many functions. I began to dabble in making different types of jewelry using this beautiful pectolite. The most commonly purchased larimar items are earrings with little Larimar stones. These stones are only found in the Dominican Republic. My passion became my side hussle and now, here at Larimar Jewels and Things, we make many different jewelry lines. After becoming a mother and wife, my spouse and I moved to the southern part of the Dominican Republic. It was here that I began to fiddle with the sewing machine. The first item I made was actually sewn by hand and I named it the Spouch (short for Safety Pouch.) The pouches are amazing, mainly because they get “tucked” into your clothing (usually pants, shorts…) People who travel often to countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic or any other developing nation often take a risk, and carrying purses can be dangerous. With the Safety Pouch, you can place your credit card, ID(Drivers license), money, coins, and insurance cards, into this pouch-then, tuck it into your clothing and no one suspects you have anything on you. They are comfortable, and machine washable. Perfect for a quick trip or a long term vacation.
I continue to make art as I believe in creating new things, you create a spirit of healing. As I continue to heal from my traumatic adoption experience, I become the person I was supposed to be from the very beginning.
Please follow me on instagram @larimar_jewels_and_things.  I am also on facebook . My website is finally up and running to purchase the beautiful Larimar!!
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