Final Exams

Took the final 2-twice…ugh…first time, it kicked me off….the test had a 150 minute time frame and there are 175 questions…that is like 30 seconds per question.

So it kicked me off….and so i got to do it again….which should have been better since I could remember most of the questions from the first time…..but i still could not finish in 150 minutes…cuz you know, 175 questions for 150…not possible in my brain.

So i attempted to finish 2 minutes before the time was up…and low and behold, it kicked me off again! nooooo

Thanks to a great advisor, I was not forced to take it a 3rd time…thankfully!

so now, just the capstone left and admin decided to extend the test o 3 hours….im glad i could help the next person out!

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